John Medeiros Jewelry

John Medeiros Jewelry

Real jewelry crafted in the USA from non-precious metals

John Medeiros introduced the John Medeiros line in 2000 after having worked in the jewelry industry for many years. As a child of European immigrants trying to make a living in Providence, Rhode Island,  Medeiros worked in the precious metals industry while still in school.  In 1985 Medeiros founded his company and is known today for his classic,  meticulously-crafted designs.

John Medeiros Jewelry Key Attributes

  • Hand made in the United States
  • All designs are original, registered, and copyrighted
  • Intricate hand carved detailing on the front, sides, and back
  • Advanced product engineering and solid construction for durability
  • Original closures, some hidden, which blend into the overall design motif
  • Multiple strands are frequently used on bracelets and necklaces
  • Chains and ends are joined in the casting process
  • Two-tone effect is achieved through multiple masking and stripping operations
  • The John Medeiros (JM) trademark logo is on every piece
  • Cubic Zirconium stones are often prong set, not glued
  • Lifetime guaranteed