Wee Forest Folk Miniatures

Wee Forest Folk Miniatures

Wee Forest Folk are unique as a collection because of the incredible attention to detail of each creation.  Annette Peterson has been creating these (mostly) mice since 1972.  Her children join her in this delightful enterprise, as well as several carefully trained painters.  Annette has said it takes 6 months to train a painter!

A Wee Forest Folk mouse begins as an original clay piece which is hand sculpted by one of three sculptors in the Petersen family. The finished sculpture is molded and hand cast at the “mouse factory” in Carlisle, MA. Carefully selected artists flawlessly paint each one by hand bringing to life a sweet little mouse personality.

Created, produced and copyrighted by the Petersen family, it all began in Annette Petersen’s old-fashioned kitchen on a farm in Concord, Massachusetts – the birthplace of American Independence. Her first mice were made of bread dough, but they didn’t last very long – nibbled by the real thing, of course!  Eventually she learned to sculpt her little friends in clay and cast them in a more durable casting stone. Her first mouse (named Miss Mouse) with her bonnet and basket was created and thus, Wee Forest Folk was born!

Growing up surrounded by their mother’s creative influences son, Willy and daughter, Donna began to develop their own artistic talents. After graduating from college in the late 1970’s, both joined their mother’s enterprise and the next generation had begun!

The Petersens feel especially grateful to have the opportunity to use and express their creativity in making these tiny and charming mouse miniatures and they extend their warmest appreciation to all of their collectors.